Maggie Bags Campus Tote and Key Chain Review

I have the change to review some of the hot new products from Maggie Bags.  First up is the Campus Tote that I have received in Gray.


What: Maggie Bags Campus Tote, a eco friendly and chic way to travel to class in style


Pros: Its a large enough tote to fit a few notebooks and some text books and other essentials like a make up bag, wallet, and sunglasses.  Its got a great lining, that oh so fab Maggie Bags satin purple lining that pops out easy for an easy access to clean any spots.  The zipper at the top is really durable, doesn't look like it would be too delicate.  The handles are wrapped around the bottom so not to worry these handles wont be breaking off any time when they are put to the pressure of carrying a lot of weight.  The feet at the bottom make sure your Maggie Bags stays clean even when you have to set it down and your classmate spills coffee (yes that happened to me once and ruined a bag, so these little feet def protect your bags)

Cons:  I really wish it had a ring on the inside of the bag to clip my keys on, especially since I have the matching Maggie Bags key chain.  Other than that this bag is AWESOME

Overall Thoughts:  LOVE this bag.  Its really the perfect campus bag, no more having to tote around the khaki canvas bags that start to look super grungy after a week or so.


Now onto the Key Chain.


What:  Maggie Bags EcoChic Key Chain

Pros:  Its adorable!  It can be buckled and unbuckled to create a larger or smaller key chain.

Cons:  Its a little big and can be heavy to some but overall I think its great!

Overall:  I like it!  I really like that I can keep my car key on one side and just unbuckle that when I need it.  Definitely convenient.

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