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CitySlips Review

HUGE thank you to the fab ladies at City Slips for sending me a pair of flats to try out and review (I wasn't paid for this review and these are my 100% totally honest opinions).

CitySlips are a pair of flats that come folded up in a little adorable pouch that you can put in your bag/clutch and take with you when you are wearing heels.  I am, on a good day, 5'2'' and I live in heels but there are times when it just gets a bit uncomfortable.  I am not one of those girls that would take off my heels and walk around town barefoot (eww gross).

So there are a few different kinds of these ballet flats on the market right now (one by Dr. Scholl's called Fast Flats).  City Slips has something that I haven't seen before, the pouch that holds the shoes folds out to a tote to hold your heels.  How awesome is that?!?!?  Who really wants to walk around carrying their shoes, so not fun!

The things I love about these flats:

  • They are small, I can fold them up and put them in a largeish clutch (Pictures is the Maggie Bags Clutch) and I am good to go!  
  • The sole is very thick.  I don't feel like I will step on something yucky and get it on my feet (def not the feeling I had with the Dr. Scholl's, the shoe and sole was so thin).
  • They are super comfy!  Sometimes ballet flats can be a little uncomfy but these have a good amount of cushion AND a nice sturdy sole so they are definitely a new love
  • The black color has the perfect amount of shine and it will totally go with so many outfits!
Things I am not crazy about:
  • I couldn't find a single thing!  Strange I know!!!!!  I always try to find something I am not 10)% happy about but I seriously couldn't!  

These flats come in a few colors: Black, Gold, Silver and a two options (solid or snakeskin which is so adorb).  They sell for 24.95 and are worth it!  Competitors may sell for about 10.00 but you don't get a tote and the quaitly isn't as good as City Slips.








OldNavy Skinny Jeans, Pink Michael Kors Turtleneck, light pink cami from forever 21, pink bow heels from wetseal, Clutch Maggie Bags

Look of the Day:

Face: Revlon ColorStay foundation, MAC MSF in Smooth Merge, MAC Cheeky Bronze, Coach shimmer powder, Almay finishing powder
Eyes: urban decay primer, MAC Melton Mauve, Pink Freeze, Lucky Tom in crease, Urban Decay 24/7 Liner, One by One Mascara
Lips: Revlon lipstain in Frenzy, Chanel lip gloss in Glossimer


Maggie Bags Laptop Bag Review

Yesterday I posted the review of the Maggie Bags Hobo and today I will be focusing on the Laptop bag.  I received this bag 2 years ago but my opinions haven't changed a bit.  I used this bag a LOT, it was a go to carry on bag for me (second only to the Vuitton Neverfull).

Buy a Maggie Bag Today: http://www.maggiebags.net

What I love about this bag:

So basically I think messenger bags in general do not look good on me so I am mostly a tote girl.  But there was something about this Maggie Bag that was nice on me.  I didn't hate the way it looked on me.  Maybe it was the pretty interior that made me smile every time I opened it (by you now you probably know how obsessed I am with bag interiors haha).  I like that it has the option to carry it multiple ways: handheld, cross body, or over the shoulder.  This way I can definitely accommodate how I carry it based on size or how heavy it is.  The bag on its own is light but it can get heavy when its stuffed.  I also love that it has metal feet on the bottom of the bag.  Complete peace of mind when putting it on the floor because you know the bag will be fine.  It looks the same as when I got it 2 years ago!  Seriously this bag ages really well.

What I am not so crazy about:

Only one thing, the adjustable strap always slips after using it so I am readjusting it at the end of the day. Not a big deal.


Check out the super cute satin purple interior with tons of slots for cards, pens, phone, etc. LOVE IT


It can fit a 3 inch binder and a 13" laptop at the same time!



This time there is a clipboard, Coach Demi, and more!



Modeling Pics:




(this writer is not currently affiliated with Maggie Bags and was not paid to specifically to do this review)


Maggie Bags Hobo Review

Everyone loves a hobo because it's got a great shape and really practical.  So why not get a hobo that "Saves the Planet in Style" by getting the Maggie Bag Hobo.  Made out of seatbelts that were rejected from use due to color variation, these handbags definitely are an attention grabber.

The bag, like all Maggie Bags, has a beautiful satin purple interior and silver hardware.  This particular style has the name, MAGGIE BAGS, on one of the circular silver pieces of the bag.  Even though it has a good amount of hardware, the bag isn't overly heavy, HUGE plus!!!

I initially reviewed this bag 2 years ago, but not only does my opinion remain the same, but the bag looks the same!  And this is AFTER I spilled a red drink on the bag and let it sit for a few days before using a baby wipe to just wipe it clean.  This bag is in a very light tan color and most other bags would look really worn out after using them for over a year.

Check out the pics to see what fits inside this hobo (a really good amount!) and how it looks on the shoulder.  Absolutely love this bag!!!!

Get yours here: http://maggiebags.net







Bag of the Day: Juicy Couture Fairfax Luxe Gold Tote

I got a request to start doing a new feature on this blog: Bag of the Day.  I will try to keep up with it as best I can and update this blog when I switch bags.

Today I used the Juicy Couture Fairfax Luxe Gold Tote.  Favorite part of the bag is probably the interior because its a bright blue and definitely makes me smile every time I look inside :)  So here she is on the way to the gym snuggling with my yoga mat.

Juicy Couture Fairfax Luxe Gold Tote


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Maggie Bag Seat Belt Bag Video Review

These video reviews are from Spring and Summer 2009, but my opinion on them is the same.  I still use these bags and absolutely love them.  Overall these bags are incredibly pretty/eye catching, unique, colorful, and durable.  The inside is probably one of my favorite parts of the bag, they are a beautiful satin purple.  I will also be doing a written review of these videos with lots of pictures :)

Buy your Maggie Bag today: http://www.maggiebags.net 

Bags Featured:
Small Tote
Small Messenger
Laptop Bag
Medium Tote

YouTube Videos:

(UPDATE: Maggie Bags replaced the small tote with the zipper issue.  Talk about awesome customer service!!!)

(This writer received these bags for the purpose of doing a review.  These opinions are honest.  This writer is not currently affiliated with Maggie Bags)


Goody Simple Styles Spin Pin Review

I am a sucker for hair products especially if they claim to be quick and easy to use.  So I just had to try it after seeing the commercial which advertised having the strength of 20 bobby pins.

What: Goody Simple Styles Spin Pin, averages about $6-7 for two pins

How it looks:


It works!!!  At first I had some issues, but I usually do when I am trying something out for the first time.  I didn't know how to put the pin in, you can't just stick it in you have to twist it in.  That took getting used to.  I also have much shorter hair that I did a few months ago, so its at my shoulders and I am sure that those with longer hair will have an easier time with this.  It held really well, I didn't feel like my hair was going to fall out, but again it all depended on how I put the pins in.  The directions say put one on the top and then one in the bottom but I found that putting the bottom pin in tilted slightly to the left it held onto my hair better.  I even did some yoga and my hair didn't budge at all!  I picked these up at CVS but you can find them pretty much anywhere.

Would I buy again? YES!

Plus a Look of the Day (LOTD) which I will hopefully keep up with.

Basically this is a very simple look, mostly with matte shadows and lips that didn't sparkle too much.

MAC Mineral Skin Finish Natural in Light (applied with the Tokidoki kabuki brush at sephora)
NARS Deep Throat Blush (applied with MAC 187)
Too Faced Leopard Bronzer (applied with MAC 168)
Almay Pure Blends Loose Finishing Powder (applied with the sephora all over face brush)

Urban Decay Primer Potion
MAC Vanilla eyeshadow on the lid (applied with MAC 139)
MAC Quarry eyeshadow in the crease (applied with sephora angled blender brush)
NYX liner in Brown (smudged with the stila flat liner brush)
Covergirl Lash Blast Mascara in very black, two coats (because two is better than one when it comes to mascara haha)

Too Faced lip of luxury lipstick in sex kitten

(This review was independently written, no compensation was received for this review)


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Louis Vuitton Ludlow vs Zippy Coin Purse vs Cles

If want want a smaller wallet there are a few options from Louis Vuitton: the cles (which is great and has a key ring), the ludlow, or the zippy coin purse.  They are all small, chic, and oh so fab in their own way.

The Cles:
There are two styles, the trunks and bags cles which is way roomy/has card slots and the regular cles. Pictures are the Monogram T&B Cles and the Damier Azur Cles

inside the damier azur cles

inside the damier ebony T&&B cles

The Ludlow:

Small, compact, no need to mess around with zippers, and still be able to keep a few coins stashed away.

The Zippy Coin Purse:

AKA a little piece of awesomeness (especially in vernis!). This will fit a lot more than the cles and the ludlow, mostly because there are more card slots and a center pocket. Plus because it zips closed you can stash more between the center pocket and the sides.



Sigma Brush Review

The original blog is no longer active, but I wanted to write that my initial review was positive however in the youtube comment section of the video there was a rep for Sigma that was very rude and mean to some of my subscribers.  That sparked my initial dislike for Sigma.  Then I had a LOT of issues with the brushes and have essentially given up on the customer service.  Would I recommend them? I can't really say yes or no because its been two years since I've dealt with them and a lot can change in that time.


  • Shedding: the face brushes shed like crazy! I stopped using the 150 because after I used it I would look like I was growing crazy insane facial hair!
  • Color fading of the black brushes
  • Customer Service:  Any company rep that would be mean to one of my subscribers on my video comments is just not professional and makes me think less of the company.
  • Eye brushes: they are pretty good EXCEPT the black blender brush (I can't find it on the site any more), they shed and fade and are just not worth using. 

(This writer is not have any financial disclosures with Sigma Beauty, product was not provided to this write by Sigma Beauty)


L'OREAL Lash Serum and Mascara Review

What: L'OREAL Lash Serum and Mascara Review

The mascara is excellent!  After I used the full size sample I was given I purchased it again, that's how good it was.  The lash extending primer is better than most primers I have used in the past, it definitely adds a lot of length, volume, and definition....yup all 3 were improved dramatically, that is something that not all mascaras can do!  In terms of removal, I have no complaints, it comes off easily and doesn't leave any residue.  Even a year after making the video review, its still one of my top mascaras.

The lash serum, over all didn't really like it.  Made my eyes puffy :(

Video!!!! (watch it for before and after pictures)

(This writer was asked to do this review. received the product for free, and currently has no affiliation with L'OREAL)

Maggie Bags Pink and Brown Large Tote Review

What: Maggie Bags Pink and Brown Large Tote Review

Up for review is the Maggie Bags Pink and Brown large tote!

A little back ground info on Maggie Bags: they are a company that produces handbags from seatbelts.  When a seatbelt is rejected by a car company for use (because of color variation) the seatbelts would usually get tossed in the trash, but not any more because Maggie Bags gives them a new purpose!  They have amazing colors that are super bright and fun and each bag has this ridiculously fabulous satin purple lining.  Check out the video for a tour of the bag!

What did I love about the bag:
The handle length.  Sometimes totes have handles that are too short or too long and I think Maggie Bags got it right.  The bag hands perfectly even under a big jacket (something we all know is a total pain in the winter).

The bag is durable!  I can literally toss it around, put it on the floor, drop it, and never worry about tarnishing its beauty.  I have a tan hobo that was the victim of red punch on a 4th of July party and forgot to clean the bag as soon as I got home, a few days later and a little scrubbing from a baby wipe and the bag was good as new.

The bottom of the bag has four little feet, perfect for setting it down in a restaurant and not worrying about dirtying the bottom of the bag.

Its unique and you will get stopped and complimented.  I have never received as many compliments on my bags as I do with my Maggie Bags (many more reviews to come on the MB collection).  Even boys like the bag (which is such a rarity!).



(This writer is not currently affiliated with Maggie Bags)

Louis Vuitton Amarante Zippy Coin Purse Review

What:  LV Zippy Coin Purse (ZCP) in Amarante

What is not to like about this? It's small, super shiny, sparkles when the sun hits it just right, and absolutely awesome.  When I initially bought this two years ago it was because I needed something small but that could still hold a lot, because I really can't be without all my cards.

One thing I didn't really love was how smudged it got with finger prints.  Every time I touched it my print was on there.  It does come with a cloth to wipe all smudges off but this Vernis color just attracted smudges.  I did own a LV Vernis Ludlow in Fuchsia before and it never got smudged, definitely a unique problem to the Amarante color.  Overall its a great ZCP, not that much more expensive than the monogram or damier ZCPs, and totally worth getting.




(This is an independent review and this writer was not compensated for this review)

How to Clean your Louis Vuitton with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

How to video on cleaning a Vuitton bag with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.

WARNING: this is a really harsh process for the bag, you've got to moisturize the bags after the handles/leather dries.


  1. Cut the mr. clean magic eraser into smaller pieces.
  2. Wet the mr. clean magic eraser with water and ring it out.  Make sure its not soaking wet.
  3. On a small spot of leather rub it in small circles, you don't need to apply too much pressure and don't rub it very fast.
  4. Move onto another spot until you've cleaned all your leather.  It will look dark and wet, just let it dry for about 24hrs.
  5. After its dried moisturize the leather (I use Loving My Bags).

How to Clean Louis Vuitton with White Eraser

How to video on cleaning an LV with a white eraser (not a Mr. Clean eraser...that's another video)

Be gentle, if the spot doesn't come out it might not come out with the white eraser, you may have to try something a bit more harsh.
Erase small areas at a time.
You don't really need to moisturize the bag after cleaning with a white eraser.

Inside the Louis Vuitton Monogram Speedy 25

Video request: What does the inside of a monogram speedy look like?

Answer: It's a very simple design with a solid brown interior (red in the ebony/ebene damier speedies), a pocket, and a key ring (aka D Ring)

Here is what the Ebene Damier Speedy looks like on the inside, this one is the 30 which is a bit bigger than the 25.


How to Spot a Fake Coach Bag

There are a LOT of fake Coach bags crawling the internet, BUT if you can spot a fake you can also spot a good deal.  Watch the video for some quick tips (btw the video was made over two years ago, new bags have come out but the same principles are still there) and then read further down for even more

Bottom Line:

If the bag was never ever made then its fake
If the bag doesn't have the Coach Creed inside its fake (only small wristlets don't have the creed)
Bags with an X, F, or O marked on the inside on the creed were originally from Nordstrom's or Macy's and were sold to a place like TJ Maxx or Marshalls...they are real
The old signature C's will usually match up (exceptions would be the Ergo, which many Coach fans don't like about the Ergo or other newer designs)
Coach outlets have killer deals, watch out for ebay sellers that overprice an authentic bag

How to Spot a Fake Louis Vuitton

Ever wonder if that deal on that super cute Vuitton bag is too good to be true?  Watch this video before buying just to get a few quick tips on spotting a real LV.

Bottom line:

LV does NOT come with the little greenish envelope or a tag that has a string with a circular LV tab on it.
Speedies don't have feet (even the multicolor doesn't have feet, it has brass edges)
LV sales associates do get a discount but those bags have something marked on the inside
Date Codes!  Everything made by Vuitton has one, you just have to find it.  I should do an individual blog on that one....