How to Spot a Fake Coach Bag

There are a LOT of fake Coach bags crawling the internet, BUT if you can spot a fake you can also spot a good deal.  Watch the video for some quick tips (btw the video was made over two years ago, new bags have come out but the same principles are still there) and then read further down for even more

Bottom Line:

If the bag was never ever made then its fake
If the bag doesn't have the Coach Creed inside its fake (only small wristlets don't have the creed)
Bags with an X, F, or O marked on the inside on the creed were originally from Nordstrom's or Macy's and were sold to a place like TJ Maxx or Marshalls...they are real
The old signature C's will usually match up (exceptions would be the Ergo, which many Coach fans don't like about the Ergo or other newer designs)
Coach outlets have killer deals, watch out for ebay sellers that overprice an authentic bag


  1. I have several Coach bags, wristlets, sunglasses...etc. Too much Coach stuff probably LOL! Anyway, I bought a small khaki colored Coach purse a few years ago and I bought it from the actual Coach store...not an outlet store or department store...and I noticed it doesn't have the Coach Creed inside like all of my other Coach stuff. Does this mean it's a fake??? :( I've heard about fake name brand purses being sold in the actual stores before. There was a story about one of the more expensive name brand stores on a show like Dateline or something.....they sent someone into the store "undercover" with a camera & caught everything on tape. Point is, if that happens at the real expensive or high end stores then I'm sure it can happen at a Coach store :( I didn't pay attention to whether or not the creed was in the purse at the time I bought it because I just assumed I wouldn't have to worry about a fake Coach item being sold in the actual Coach store. I didn't use the purse right away either. I waited over a month to switch over to it (I wanted to start using it during warmer weather because it was smaller)...so by the time I noticed this purse didn't have a creed inside, it was too late to take it back to the Coach store, plus I didn't keep the reciept. I've tried looking almost everywhere online that talks about this same topic and the problem is, there's conflicting info. Many sites say exactly what this one does- "If the bag doesn't have the Coach Creed inside its fake". And other sites have said some Coach purses just don't have a creed but that doesn't mean it's fake and we need to look for other details to see if it's fake or not. Can anyone help me out & let me know if my purse is real even though it doesn't have a creed inside? Or did I actually get ripped off from the Coach store??? :( Thanks so much in advance to anyone who can help me out :) XOXO


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