Louis Vuitton Ludlow vs Zippy Coin Purse vs Cles

If want want a smaller wallet there are a few options from Louis Vuitton: the cles (which is great and has a key ring), the ludlow, or the zippy coin purse.  They are all small, chic, and oh so fab in their own way.

The Cles:
There are two styles, the trunks and bags cles which is way roomy/has card slots and the regular cles. Pictures are the Monogram T&B Cles and the Damier Azur Cles

inside the damier azur cles

inside the damier ebony T&&B cles

The Ludlow:

Small, compact, no need to mess around with zippers, and still be able to keep a few coins stashed away.

The Zippy Coin Purse:

AKA a little piece of awesomeness (especially in vernis!). This will fit a lot more than the cles and the ludlow, mostly because there are more card slots and a center pocket. Plus because it zips closed you can stash more between the center pocket and the sides.



  1. well.i have to be honest..
    i want all of them i dont want to choose xixi
    loved the colour of the Ludlow


  2. Ok do you seriously own all of those?


    They are all really cute

  3. Drooling over your LV wallets. Nice picks!