Sigma Brush Review

The original blog is no longer active, but I wanted to write that my initial review was positive however in the youtube comment section of the video there was a rep for Sigma that was very rude and mean to some of my subscribers.  That sparked my initial dislike for Sigma.  Then I had a LOT of issues with the brushes and have essentially given up on the customer service.  Would I recommend them? I can't really say yes or no because its been two years since I've dealt with them and a lot can change in that time.


  • Shedding: the face brushes shed like crazy! I stopped using the 150 because after I used it I would look like I was growing crazy insane facial hair!
  • Color fading of the black brushes
  • Customer Service:  Any company rep that would be mean to one of my subscribers on my video comments is just not professional and makes me think less of the company.
  • Eye brushes: they are pretty good EXCEPT the black blender brush (I can't find it on the site any more), they shed and fade and are just not worth using. 

(This writer is not have any financial disclosures with Sigma Beauty, product was not provided to this write by Sigma Beauty)


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