Maggie Bags Pink and Brown Large Tote Review

What: Maggie Bags Pink and Brown Large Tote Review

Up for review is the Maggie Bags Pink and Brown large tote!

A little back ground info on Maggie Bags: they are a company that produces handbags from seatbelts.  When a seatbelt is rejected by a car company for use (because of color variation) the seatbelts would usually get tossed in the trash, but not any more because Maggie Bags gives them a new purpose!  They have amazing colors that are super bright and fun and each bag has this ridiculously fabulous satin purple lining.  Check out the video for a tour of the bag!

What did I love about the bag:
The handle length.  Sometimes totes have handles that are too short or too long and I think Maggie Bags got it right.  The bag hands perfectly even under a big jacket (something we all know is a total pain in the winter).

The bag is durable!  I can literally toss it around, put it on the floor, drop it, and never worry about tarnishing its beauty.  I have a tan hobo that was the victim of red punch on a 4th of July party and forgot to clean the bag as soon as I got home, a few days later and a little scrubbing from a baby wipe and the bag was good as new.

The bottom of the bag has four little feet, perfect for setting it down in a restaurant and not worrying about dirtying the bottom of the bag.

Its unique and you will get stopped and complimented.  I have never received as many compliments on my bags as I do with my Maggie Bags (many more reviews to come on the MB collection).  Even boys like the bag (which is such a rarity!).



(This writer is not currently affiliated with Maggie Bags)


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