2011 Holiday Gift Giving Guide

It's that time of year again, Starbucks has the red seasonal cups which means its time to start thinking about the holidays. I put together a 2011 holiday gift giving guide. Basically its a way to not only give something to someone, but some of the gifts on this list will either be eco-friendly or go towards a charity.
Maggie Bags Campus Tote - $87

Want to give someone a handbag? Go for Maggie Bags. They are the eco-friendly ridiculously durable handbag company that takes seat belt webbing that was rejected from companies due to a color variation, and they turn them into the latest trends in handbags. I personally have a number of Maggie Bags (totes, clutches, and a key chain). They have lasted for YEARS and look just as beautiful as they did the day I got them. I am a huge fan of the campus tote. its got a great zipper, fabulous purple satin interior (a Maggie Bags signature), and is the perfect size for every day use AND using on campus to take from class to class.  Check out this previous blog for a review of the campus tote. Maggie Bags sent me one in purple, and its such a beautiful and vibrant color, I cannot get enough of it!!!!! You can get one for $87.00 and it is worth every penny.

Use the coupon code:  batgirl0711 for 31% off at www.MaggieBags.net

MAC's Viva Glam GAGA - $14.50

If the person you are shopping for is a make up junkie (like myself), I think a perfect gift is from MAC. Specifically, something from the Viva Glam collection. Yes, I know, MAC releases holiday gift sets every year, but the reason I am suggesting something from the Viva Glam line is because 100% what is sold goes to the MAC Aids Foundation. Just an example, if you bought someone a Viva Glam lipstick for $14.50, every cent goes towards the foundation, and one lipstick can fund a month of public transportation for one person to their doctor's appointments. There is so much more that just one lipstick can fund, so this holiday season, if you are going to give something glamorous, give Viva Glam and make that a gift that gives a lot more than just a great lip color.

EOS lip balm 

A great small gift is an EOS lip balm. They are fantastic! Not only are the 95% organic, but they are the cutest lip balms ever!!!! They all smell and taste great. Its something small, adorable, organic, and I am sure whoever gets one as a gift will love it. I especially love the medicated tangerine flavor for the winter since the cold can really dry out my lips. Find it at most drug stores.

Utensils To-Go Ware - $12.95

Another great little gift that I bought at a local coffee shop one day (totally random), but used practically every day, is this great bamboo utensil set. Utensils To-Go Ware are the most adorable, cutest, and eco-friendly addition to any lunch bag. I know it might seem a little strange, but its a very practical gift. I love practical gifts. It is a set that comes with a fork, spoon, knife, and chop sticks, all put together in the cutest pouch. This gift is great for someone who packs a lunch and is trying to be environmentally friendly. Buy a set for $12.95

Maggie Bags Tote of Many Colors - $67

If you want to get someone a bigger bag, something that could fit a load of laundry, a ton of groceries, or take as a carry on bag, then check out the Maggie Bags Tote of Many Colors. For $67.00 you can get an vibrant, unique, and stylish bag that you can do practically everything with. I absolutely love my tote of many colors, and guess what, Maggie Bags is giving one of my readers a free one!!!!! Check out the end of the blog for the details.

Chiquito modeling the Maggie Bags Campus Tote
It's pretty popular to give a pet for the holidays. I recommend rescuing a pet instead of buying from a breeder or puppy mill. I rescued by absolutely adorable chihuahua, Chiquito, in August, and we have been super happy ever since. If you rescue a pet, take the paper work to pet co and you can get a coupon book full of awesomeness as a thanks for rescuing. If you aren't planning on giving a pet, you can still donate to a local animal shelter. These puppies/kitties/dogs/cats sometimes get forgotten over the holidays. Usually every shelter is always in need of food, toys, or kitty litter.

Contest Sponsored by Maggie Bags!!!!

Maggie Bags has given me a Dark Grey Tote of Many Colors to give away to one of my followers. All you have to do is put a comment on the youtube video, this blog post, the CindyFabReview Facebook page, or Tweet me @CindyFabReviews. A random winner will be picked on December 30th.

DISCLAIMER: The following blog/video reflects my personal experience with the mentioned product(s). The bag in this blog/video and giveaway was provided by Maggie Bags. All other products mentioned were purchased by myself. I  was not paid to endorse the said products. 


Burt's Bees Sensitive Daily Moisturizing Cream

I received a full size sample of the Burt's Bees Natural Skin Solution Sensitive Daily Moisturizing Cream for being a BzzAgent. I used it twice daily for a few weeks.  Usually I have really really dry skin around my nose and chin, which gets much worse in the winter, lets just say I was pleasantly surprised with this moisturizer. Retails for 15.00

  • No fragrance! None what so ever. Its the best. Sometimes I have a really hard time trying out a product when the fragrance turns me off, so this was the easiest way to not only avoid any skin irritation from the fragrance, but it kept me wanting to use it.
  • It really kept my skin moist all day. I would put it on in the morning before my make up and I was actually able to use powder and not have to use Mac Fix+ to take away any exaggeration of my dry skin. The moisturizer was very light and I was really surprised that it worked so well.

  • None that I can think of right now :)

DISCLAIMER: The following blog reflects my personal experience with the mentioned product(s). I have no affiliation with the company(ies) represented nor was I paid to endorse the said products. 

Burt's Bees Sensitive Facial Cleanser

I received a full size sample of the Burt's Bees Natural Skin Solution Sensitive Face Cleanser from being a BzzAgent. I used it daily for a few weeks.  I usually stick to their lip balm (who doesn't love Burt's Bees lip balm!?!?), so I was super excited to try the facial cleanser. Its a white thick cream that isn't runny.  Retails for 10.00

  • No fragrance! I loved this!!! Usually I get turned off really quickly to any type of cleanser that has some type of fragrance, mostly because it sticks on my face and I feel like I can't really wear my perfume. 
  • Didn't dry my skin out. I have tried so many other facial cleansers and they leave my skin really dry, which gets much worse in the winter. Burt's Bees definitely didn't leave my skin overly dry.
  • Light weight
  • It removed all of my make up, including waterproof mascara! Super impressed with that.

  • Can't think of any. Will absolutely be buying this when it runs out.

DISCLAIMER: The following blog reflects my personal experience with the mentioned product(s). I have no affiliation with the company(ies) represented nor was I paid to endorse the said products. 


Doggy Fashion

So about two weeks ago I rescued a chihuahua from a local shelter. His name is Chiquito and he is absolutely adorable. He is already showing signs of loving fashion. I snapped a picture of him wearing his new Juicy Couture doggy track suit.


Too Faced Sale up to 85% Off

Vintage Sale - Sept. 2011

It's that time to stock up on the products you love from Too Faced that will be discontinued. Sale starts Thursday so don't miss out


You Can't Fake Fashion

If you ever shopped for designer bags/shoes/accessories on ebay, then you are definitely aware of how many fakes there are out there.  Over the years ebay has been more active about pulling auctions that are for counterfeit items.  Now eBay and Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) are launching a new campaign called "You Can't Fake Fashion."  50 exclusive totes were made available on the eBay store Fashion Vault.  Designers such as Coach, Betsy Johnson, Foley + Corinna, Calvin Klein, and Judith Leiber.  The designers were asked to take a bag and make it original.

The best part, was that I knew who designed most of the bags just by looking at their signature additions.  Coach had a turnlock, Betsy Johnson made theirs LOUD and colorful with buttons and pins, Anna Sui's had lace and a blue bow, Lily Pulitzer's had bright flowers, Tommy Hilfiger added a preppy nautical touch with a rope for the shoulder strap, and Stuart Weitzman's bag had sketches of shoes on it (and their shoes are TDF!).

They were all priced at a reasonable 150.00 and sold out ridiculously quickly.  Good news is that the regular You Can't Fake Fashion tote is still available for 35.00.

Shop the Fashion Vault Ebay Store and get your exclusive tote today!

Foley + Corinna CFDA Tote 
Coach CFDA Tote 
Anna Sui CFDA Tote


How To Stop Make Up Brushes from Shedding

I was starting to get really frustrated with my Sigma large powder brush because it was shedding like crazy. Any time I applied powder my face was covered with bristles it was so annoying and time consuming because I had to stop my routine to get all the bristles off my face. So I bought a MAC 150 and that was great for a few months (about 8) then that started to shed too! I turned to sephora and picked up their large power brush since the bristles are white I figured if that shed no biggie.

Normally I would clean my brushes with either the MAC cleaner and a paper towel and then once every two weeks I would deep clean then with aveeno shampoo. Well one day I accidentally grabbed the aveeno conditioner instead of the shampoo and figured Oooh well it's not that big of a deal the sigma and MAC 150 were already dead to me. After they dried the bristles were super soft so I used it once more and omg my problem was solved. No more shedding. Seriously, shedding stopped completely!!!

So if your brushes are shedding, they might need a little moisturizer so wash them with a bit of gentle conditioner and see if that helps.


Maggie Bags Campus Tote and Key Chain Review

I have the change to review some of the hot new products from Maggie Bags.  First up is the Campus Tote that I have received in Gray.


What: Maggie Bags Campus Tote, a eco friendly and chic way to travel to class in style


Pros: Its a large enough tote to fit a few notebooks and some text books and other essentials like a make up bag, wallet, and sunglasses.  Its got a great lining, that oh so fab Maggie Bags satin purple lining that pops out easy for an easy access to clean any spots.  The zipper at the top is really durable, doesn't look like it would be too delicate.  The handles are wrapped around the bottom so not to worry these handles wont be breaking off any time when they are put to the pressure of carrying a lot of weight.  The feet at the bottom make sure your Maggie Bags stays clean even when you have to set it down and your classmate spills coffee (yes that happened to me once and ruined a bag, so these little feet def protect your bags)

Cons:  I really wish it had a ring on the inside of the bag to clip my keys on, especially since I have the matching Maggie Bags key chain.  Other than that this bag is AWESOME

Overall Thoughts:  LOVE this bag.  Its really the perfect campus bag, no more having to tote around the khaki canvas bags that start to look super grungy after a week or so.


Now onto the Key Chain.


What:  Maggie Bags EcoChic Key Chain

Pros:  Its adorable!  It can be buckled and unbuckled to create a larger or smaller key chain.

Cons:  Its a little big and can be heavy to some but overall I think its great!

Overall:  I like it!  I really like that I can keep my car key on one side and just unbuckle that when I need it.  Definitely convenient.


L'Oreal Double Extend Eye Illuminator Review

So the mascara has two ends, one is a typical mascara, which on its own I love, it really lengthens my lashes.  Then the other end is the Illuminating side, basically a side that is supposed to make your eyes sparkle (and I love sparkles!).  The regular mascara is applied first then you can add the illuminating sparkles.

The brush on the sparkly side is interesting, it took some getting used to.  I really like the rounded applicator tip for my bottom lashes, but the more traditional mascara brush is what I use to apply the "sparkle" on my top lashes.

The sparkles comes in different colors to compliment your eyes.  I was super excited about this mascara, like really really really excited.  I loved the L'Oreal Double Extend Lash Boosting Mascara and I really wanted to love the Eye Illuminating mascara.  I thought it would sparkle and make my eyes look incredible.  It wasn't that spectacular.  I only noticed a few specs of sparkle as I was applying it, but nothing really popped out like I hoped it would have.  I don't think I would buy it again, it was a bit of a let down but I used some CVS extrabucks and a coupon so I didn't pay too much for it.


Look of the Day with a Bow Headband

I had to get prettified for a meeting and then a new ID badge picture (which came out awesome!) so I figured I would share.  My favorite part about this look is the headband.  I love headbands, and the bow is just too pretty.


Face: Revlon ColorStay foundation, MAC MSF Smooth Merge on the cheeks, Too Faced Leopard Bronzer to contour, Almay Finishing Powder, and Coach Shimmering Powder to illuminate

Eyes: Too Faced Shadow Insurance, MAC Paradisco on the lid, MAC Remotely Grey in the crease, MAC Ricepaper to highlight, Revlon Colorstay liner in Black, and Falsies mascara.

Lips: Revlon lipstain in frenzy and Chanel lip gloss in glossimer

This dress is adorable.  I paired it with a black belt from Forever 21 and tights from Chinese Laundry.  I had a lot of walking to do today so I wore a ballet flats from Steve Madden.


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CitySlips Review

HUGE thank you to the fab ladies at City Slips for sending me a pair of flats to try out and review (I wasn't paid for this review and these are my 100% totally honest opinions).

CitySlips are a pair of flats that come folded up in a little adorable pouch that you can put in your bag/clutch and take with you when you are wearing heels.  I am, on a good day, 5'2'' and I live in heels but there are times when it just gets a bit uncomfortable.  I am not one of those girls that would take off my heels and walk around town barefoot (eww gross).

So there are a few different kinds of these ballet flats on the market right now (one by Dr. Scholl's called Fast Flats).  City Slips has something that I haven't seen before, the pouch that holds the shoes folds out to a tote to hold your heels.  How awesome is that?!?!?  Who really wants to walk around carrying their shoes, so not fun!

The things I love about these flats:

  • They are small, I can fold them up and put them in a largeish clutch (Pictures is the Maggie Bags Clutch) and I am good to go!  
  • The sole is very thick.  I don't feel like I will step on something yucky and get it on my feet (def not the feeling I had with the Dr. Scholl's, the shoe and sole was so thin).
  • They are super comfy!  Sometimes ballet flats can be a little uncomfy but these have a good amount of cushion AND a nice sturdy sole so they are definitely a new love
  • The black color has the perfect amount of shine and it will totally go with so many outfits!
Things I am not crazy about:
  • I couldn't find a single thing!  Strange I know!!!!!  I always try to find something I am not 10)% happy about but I seriously couldn't!  

These flats come in a few colors: Black, Gold, Silver and a two options (solid or snakeskin which is so adorb).  They sell for 24.95 and are worth it!  Competitors may sell for about 10.00 but you don't get a tote and the quaitly isn't as good as City Slips.








OldNavy Skinny Jeans, Pink Michael Kors Turtleneck, light pink cami from forever 21, pink bow heels from wetseal, Clutch Maggie Bags

Look of the Day:

Face: Revlon ColorStay foundation, MAC MSF in Smooth Merge, MAC Cheeky Bronze, Coach shimmer powder, Almay finishing powder
Eyes: urban decay primer, MAC Melton Mauve, Pink Freeze, Lucky Tom in crease, Urban Decay 24/7 Liner, One by One Mascara
Lips: Revlon lipstain in Frenzy, Chanel lip gloss in Glossimer


Maggie Bags Laptop Bag Review

Yesterday I posted the review of the Maggie Bags Hobo and today I will be focusing on the Laptop bag.  I received this bag 2 years ago but my opinions haven't changed a bit.  I used this bag a LOT, it was a go to carry on bag for me (second only to the Vuitton Neverfull).

Buy a Maggie Bag Today: http://www.maggiebags.net

What I love about this bag:

So basically I think messenger bags in general do not look good on me so I am mostly a tote girl.  But there was something about this Maggie Bag that was nice on me.  I didn't hate the way it looked on me.  Maybe it was the pretty interior that made me smile every time I opened it (by you now you probably know how obsessed I am with bag interiors haha).  I like that it has the option to carry it multiple ways: handheld, cross body, or over the shoulder.  This way I can definitely accommodate how I carry it based on size or how heavy it is.  The bag on its own is light but it can get heavy when its stuffed.  I also love that it has metal feet on the bottom of the bag.  Complete peace of mind when putting it on the floor because you know the bag will be fine.  It looks the same as when I got it 2 years ago!  Seriously this bag ages really well.

What I am not so crazy about:

Only one thing, the adjustable strap always slips after using it so I am readjusting it at the end of the day. Not a big deal.


Check out the super cute satin purple interior with tons of slots for cards, pens, phone, etc. LOVE IT


It can fit a 3 inch binder and a 13" laptop at the same time!



This time there is a clipboard, Coach Demi, and more!



Modeling Pics:




(this writer is not currently affiliated with Maggie Bags and was not paid to specifically to do this review)


Maggie Bags Hobo Review

Everyone loves a hobo because it's got a great shape and really practical.  So why not get a hobo that "Saves the Planet in Style" by getting the Maggie Bag Hobo.  Made out of seatbelts that were rejected from use due to color variation, these handbags definitely are an attention grabber.

The bag, like all Maggie Bags, has a beautiful satin purple interior and silver hardware.  This particular style has the name, MAGGIE BAGS, on one of the circular silver pieces of the bag.  Even though it has a good amount of hardware, the bag isn't overly heavy, HUGE plus!!!

I initially reviewed this bag 2 years ago, but not only does my opinion remain the same, but the bag looks the same!  And this is AFTER I spilled a red drink on the bag and let it sit for a few days before using a baby wipe to just wipe it clean.  This bag is in a very light tan color and most other bags would look really worn out after using them for over a year.

Check out the pics to see what fits inside this hobo (a really good amount!) and how it looks on the shoulder.  Absolutely love this bag!!!!

Get yours here: http://maggiebags.net







Bag of the Day: Juicy Couture Fairfax Luxe Gold Tote

I got a request to start doing a new feature on this blog: Bag of the Day.  I will try to keep up with it as best I can and update this blog when I switch bags.

Today I used the Juicy Couture Fairfax Luxe Gold Tote.  Favorite part of the bag is probably the interior because its a bright blue and definitely makes me smile every time I look inside :)  So here she is on the way to the gym snuggling with my yoga mat.

Juicy Couture Fairfax Luxe Gold Tote


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Maggie Bag Seat Belt Bag Video Review

These video reviews are from Spring and Summer 2009, but my opinion on them is the same.  I still use these bags and absolutely love them.  Overall these bags are incredibly pretty/eye catching, unique, colorful, and durable.  The inside is probably one of my favorite parts of the bag, they are a beautiful satin purple.  I will also be doing a written review of these videos with lots of pictures :)

Buy your Maggie Bag today: http://www.maggiebags.net 

Bags Featured:
Small Tote
Small Messenger
Laptop Bag
Medium Tote

YouTube Videos:

(UPDATE: Maggie Bags replaced the small tote with the zipper issue.  Talk about awesome customer service!!!)

(This writer received these bags for the purpose of doing a review.  These opinions are honest.  This writer is not currently affiliated with Maggie Bags)


Goody Simple Styles Spin Pin Review

I am a sucker for hair products especially if they claim to be quick and easy to use.  So I just had to try it after seeing the commercial which advertised having the strength of 20 bobby pins.

What: Goody Simple Styles Spin Pin, averages about $6-7 for two pins

How it looks:


It works!!!  At first I had some issues, but I usually do when I am trying something out for the first time.  I didn't know how to put the pin in, you can't just stick it in you have to twist it in.  That took getting used to.  I also have much shorter hair that I did a few months ago, so its at my shoulders and I am sure that those with longer hair will have an easier time with this.  It held really well, I didn't feel like my hair was going to fall out, but again it all depended on how I put the pins in.  The directions say put one on the top and then one in the bottom but I found that putting the bottom pin in tilted slightly to the left it held onto my hair better.  I even did some yoga and my hair didn't budge at all!  I picked these up at CVS but you can find them pretty much anywhere.

Would I buy again? YES!

Plus a Look of the Day (LOTD) which I will hopefully keep up with.

Basically this is a very simple look, mostly with matte shadows and lips that didn't sparkle too much.

MAC Mineral Skin Finish Natural in Light (applied with the Tokidoki kabuki brush at sephora)
NARS Deep Throat Blush (applied with MAC 187)
Too Faced Leopard Bronzer (applied with MAC 168)
Almay Pure Blends Loose Finishing Powder (applied with the sephora all over face brush)

Urban Decay Primer Potion
MAC Vanilla eyeshadow on the lid (applied with MAC 139)
MAC Quarry eyeshadow in the crease (applied with sephora angled blender brush)
NYX liner in Brown (smudged with the stila flat liner brush)
Covergirl Lash Blast Mascara in very black, two coats (because two is better than one when it comes to mascara haha)

Too Faced lip of luxury lipstick in sex kitten

(This review was independently written, no compensation was received for this review)