2011 Holiday Gift Giving Guide

It's that time of year again, Starbucks has the red seasonal cups which means its time to start thinking about the holidays. I put together a 2011 holiday gift giving guide. Basically its a way to not only give something to someone, but some of the gifts on this list will either be eco-friendly or go towards a charity.
Maggie Bags Campus Tote - $87

Want to give someone a handbag? Go for Maggie Bags. They are the eco-friendly ridiculously durable handbag company that takes seat belt webbing that was rejected from companies due to a color variation, and they turn them into the latest trends in handbags. I personally have a number of Maggie Bags (totes, clutches, and a key chain). They have lasted for YEARS and look just as beautiful as they did the day I got them. I am a huge fan of the campus tote. its got a great zipper, fabulous purple satin interior (a Maggie Bags signature), and is the perfect size for every day use AND using on campus to take from class to class.  Check out this previous blog for a review of the campus tote. Maggie Bags sent me one in purple, and its such a beautiful and vibrant color, I cannot get enough of it!!!!! You can get one for $87.00 and it is worth every penny.

Use the coupon code:  batgirl0711 for 31% off at www.MaggieBags.net

MAC's Viva Glam GAGA - $14.50

If the person you are shopping for is a make up junkie (like myself), I think a perfect gift is from MAC. Specifically, something from the Viva Glam collection. Yes, I know, MAC releases holiday gift sets every year, but the reason I am suggesting something from the Viva Glam line is because 100% what is sold goes to the MAC Aids Foundation. Just an example, if you bought someone a Viva Glam lipstick for $14.50, every cent goes towards the foundation, and one lipstick can fund a month of public transportation for one person to their doctor's appointments. There is so much more that just one lipstick can fund, so this holiday season, if you are going to give something glamorous, give Viva Glam and make that a gift that gives a lot more than just a great lip color.

EOS lip balm 

A great small gift is an EOS lip balm. They are fantastic! Not only are the 95% organic, but they are the cutest lip balms ever!!!! They all smell and taste great. Its something small, adorable, organic, and I am sure whoever gets one as a gift will love it. I especially love the medicated tangerine flavor for the winter since the cold can really dry out my lips. Find it at most drug stores.

Utensils To-Go Ware - $12.95

Another great little gift that I bought at a local coffee shop one day (totally random), but used practically every day, is this great bamboo utensil set. Utensils To-Go Ware are the most adorable, cutest, and eco-friendly addition to any lunch bag. I know it might seem a little strange, but its a very practical gift. I love practical gifts. It is a set that comes with a fork, spoon, knife, and chop sticks, all put together in the cutest pouch. This gift is great for someone who packs a lunch and is trying to be environmentally friendly. Buy a set for $12.95

Maggie Bags Tote of Many Colors - $67

If you want to get someone a bigger bag, something that could fit a load of laundry, a ton of groceries, or take as a carry on bag, then check out the Maggie Bags Tote of Many Colors. For $67.00 you can get an vibrant, unique, and stylish bag that you can do practically everything with. I absolutely love my tote of many colors, and guess what, Maggie Bags is giving one of my readers a free one!!!!! Check out the end of the blog for the details.

Chiquito modeling the Maggie Bags Campus Tote
It's pretty popular to give a pet for the holidays. I recommend rescuing a pet instead of buying from a breeder or puppy mill. I rescued by absolutely adorable chihuahua, Chiquito, in August, and we have been super happy ever since. If you rescue a pet, take the paper work to pet co and you can get a coupon book full of awesomeness as a thanks for rescuing. If you aren't planning on giving a pet, you can still donate to a local animal shelter. These puppies/kitties/dogs/cats sometimes get forgotten over the holidays. Usually every shelter is always in need of food, toys, or kitty litter.

Contest Sponsored by Maggie Bags!!!!

Maggie Bags has given me a Dark Grey Tote of Many Colors to give away to one of my followers. All you have to do is put a comment on the youtube video, this blog post, the CindyFabReview Facebook page, or Tweet me @CindyFabReviews. A random winner will be picked on December 30th.

DISCLAIMER: The following blog/video reflects my personal experience with the mentioned product(s). The bag in this blog/video and giveaway was provided by Maggie Bags. All other products mentioned were purchased by myself. I  was not paid to endorse the said products. 


  1. Hi Cindy! Love your reviews and gift guide :D I would love to be considered for the Maggie Bag tote. Hope you have a wonderful holiday and can't wait for the drawing :D Take care and keep smiling!

  2. what attracted me most here is the MAC's Viva Glam Gaga lipstick and the cute Chiquito peeping out from the glory of the designer bag.